DFG Dispatching is here to make the lives of independent owner operators and small fleet owners easier. We are a one stop shop! This way you can focus on what you are paid to do…DRIVE! Our company partners with owner operators and small fleet owners who keep our country running by delivering products and goods nationwide.

Destined For Greatness...

We’ll keep your wheels rollin’


Since inception, we have been providing quality dispatching  services to our customers. We understand the complexities of local, national, and global supply chains and are highly skilled in freight management operations.


Exceptional Service

Our mission is to attract and retain customers by providing Best in Class transportation solutions and fostering a profitable, disciplined service culture.

Individualized Approach

Unlike many other companies, we use an individualized approach to each client and we never offer you a set of standard decisions for your business.

Qualified Employees

Team of dedicated and qualified dispatchers who are ready to work for a personalized delivery solution to satisfy your needs.

The Dispatch Company You Can Trust

We are an experienced and reliable dispatch service who has great relationships with the carriers we support. We do not dispatch for just any carrier, we dispatch only for carriers that share mutual values and know the importance of effective communication, honest updates, and provide on-time dependable delivery while maintaining the utmost professionalism.